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We are also road traffic law specialists.

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Ron Mackenna – Glasgow Defence Lawyer

Formerly of Glasgow Defence Lawyers. Ron Mackenna decided to set up his new firm specialising in criminal and road traffic matters in February 2016. It’s still based at 19 Waterloo Street Glasgow. The same office Ron has worked from for years. It still has the same phone number and mobile. And you will get the same quality personal service from Ron and his staff.

Ron has over a decade’s experience appearing in courts on a daily basis, and that is really a daily basis,  conducting jury trials, summary trials, arranging pleas, defending people like you. Ron runs trials very week. And has done so for years. Phone him now. And remember this…Glasgow Defence Lawyers have moved. If you phone them you won’t get Ron Mackenna.

Reasons to choose us

  • Discreet
  • Trusted
  • Legal Aid or Private
  • Affordable

What we do

Criminal law specialists, we represent people on every kind of matter from running a red light, to being charged with murder. It’s not all about court. Remember this well-known legal phrase: “The trial starts at the police station”. Of course, it doesn’t actually start in the police station, but what that means is that evidence is being gathered right from the earliest moment by the police. That evidence will usually be used in court. That’s why it’s important that in any dealings with the police, and particularly police station interviews and attendances, you have legal advice. It’s what we do.

Here’s a short list to give you an idea of what we do:

  • All Court appearances for criminal matters – that includes road traffic offences.
  • It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Justice of the Peace Court, Sheriff  or High Court. We deal with it.
  • Police station attendances – contact us. We’ll come with you.
  • Road traffic matters – we are road traffic specialists.
  • Representation at parole hearings.
  • Instructing and locating expert witnesses.
  • Appeals against conviction and sentence.

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In the news

In the news

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