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I’ve been released from court but I think I have to go back

If you have been released from court it is often, although not always, on Bail. An alternative is to be ORDAINED.

If you appeared in the summary courts you will normally have been given two dates to return. These are the dates for the intermediate diet and the trial diets.

You usually have to return to court on BOTH dates. Unless the court or your lawyer tells you differently.

We will check your court dates for you and advise you when they are. Those dates were read out to you by the Clerk of Court. That is all the official notification you will get of these dates.

If you appeared from custody then the whole process can seem bewildering and two dates mentioned at the end of the process are very hard to remember.

The courts will not write to you and remind you. If you forget… the very fact you were in court when the dates were read out will make it your fault you forget.

If you do not have your own lawyer then we will check and confirm the dates for you.

If you appeared in the solemn courts – that means in private at first without the public being
allowed in – then you will not get a date to return to court.

The dates for your next appearance, the first diet will be served on you along with an IndictmentIf you are appearing in the solemn courts and do not have your own lawyer contact us urgently.

Often nowadays people are liberated from the cells at court. A liberation or lib means the Crown have decided not to put you through court that day. it may be the end of your case. It may not be.

You may later be sent or served with a citation. Whatever the circumstances if you call us, and do
not have your own lawyer, we can check on the status of your case.

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