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I got a bundle of papers through the post with some court stuff on them and a date that I have to reply to.

If you got a bundle of papers through the post or from a police officer then that’s probably something called a complaint.

It means a case is going to be called in court.

If you don’t have a lawyer get in touch with us now.


That’s the date the case will start. Depending on the type of case you will either need to go or have a lawyer go for you.

We will, of course, go with you or on your behalf for the first calling.

Need to know more…

A complaint is the paperwork that whole case is based upon and in amongst all those pieces of paper (about half way through) you will find the actual charge that’s been laid against you. Often there is more than one charge. If there are any previous convictions then they will usually be behind that page. Look out for the Summary of Evidence. That’s a narration of everything that you have been accused of and it usually includes details of who the witnesses are and where the evidence that police are relying on comes from.

The complaint is there to give you notice of what you are charged with and the summary of evidence is there to give you some of the detail.

But…The summary of evidence is only a summary. It is actually based on the Police Report.

That’s the document that the reporting officer, one of the officers who dealt with you, has send to the Crown at the start of the case. Don’t worry if you do not agree with some of this or even all of it. It is actually not a document that is used in court.

In fact you will receive through your lawyer a copy of all the evidence to be used against you in a court case. It’s called disclosure.

Disclosure is normally sent to a person’s lawyer and not directly to an accused.

We have to sign a document called a disclosure undertaking – that sets down strict rules about what can happen with the information.

It usually cannot be copied or taken from the solicitor’s office – except to court of course.

Disclosure is not made available with a Disclosure Undertaking being completed and submitted to the Crown.

Disclosure is made available through a secure Government website.

Disclosure includes full statements.

You will not have to go to trial without knowing everything that everybody is expected to say about you in advance.

It is important to get the ball rolling on disclosure as early as possible. Contact us now.

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