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I got released from a police station with a pink form that I think they said was an undertaking

A pink (maybe almost purple ) form is usually an undertaking. An undertaking is a promise by you that if released by the police you will attend court on the date on the form. It’s important to know that if you fail to go to court then a warrant will probably be taken for your arrest. It’s also important to realise that you must go to court personally. We will, of course, go with you and represent you at court.

Why was I released with an undertaking ? There are a whole variety of reasons why you could have been released. Perhaps the duty sergeant took the view that the offence you were charged with was of a type that could be dealt with at first calling without you having to be kept in a police cell. Perhaps the cells were very busy and the police needing space prioritised the most serious cases and gave undertakings to others. Sometimes the police think it is not in the accused person’s best interests to be kept in a police cell overnight or over the weekend.

Just remember if you have an undertaking then you must go to court on that day and and at that
time. If you have one then call us or text us or email us now.

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