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I think there may be a warrant for my arrest but I don’t know. I’m not sure

If you think there’s a warrant for your arrest then call us urgently. Warrant checks can be done, though often you need to sign a mandate authorising us to do so. We will check with the courts and the police and the fiscals.

Warrants can be taken because someone misses a court date, because the police think someone is avoiding them, because all other methods of tracking a person down have failed and for many more reasons.

Occasionally, and if there are sound reasons for it, the Crown can be asked to issue an Invitation Warrant.

This avoids the need of you spending time in a police cell and allows you to attend court by prior arrangement. Speak to us about this if you think it applies to you – and you do not already have your own solicitor.

It is NOT easy to get an invitation warrant.

Warrants are taken for all types of case. If you don’t turn up for a court date then there’s a very good chance a warrant for arrest will be taken.


With computerisation warrant checks are easily carried out. On motorists, on people in the street, at borders.

People are arrested when they are leaving for – or returning from – holiday. Even if they have their families with them. They are the stopped from leaving, taken to a police station and then to court the next day.

Do not make the mistake of thinking this only applies in serious cases. The sight of someone in the dock at Glasgow JP court having been stopped from going on holiday for failing to attend court for a minor road traffic matter, including mobile phones, is not in the least uncommon.

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