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The police gave me a ticket and I’ve got to do something about it. Sometime soon.

If the police gave you a ticket that is likely to be a fixed penalty. It’s an alternative to prosecution. It means that you are being given a chance to pay the penalty (and accept points if it’s a road traffic matter) to avoid going to court. You have to accept that you did whatever the police say you did. Often you have to surrender your driving licence so it can be endorsed. If you don’t do that then your licence can be revoked. Driving with a revoked licence means you are driving with no licence and is a separate offence.

Do I have to pay the fixed penalty? No. If you do not accept the crime you are accused of, and road traffic offences are crimes too. If you do not respond to the fixed penalty you will eventually be cited for court. That can take months. Call us immediately you receive the ticket or fixed penalty notice if this is the case. Remember that if you do not accept what you have been accused of then a trial is the way the matter is then dealt with.

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